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Reading Group

Stonebroom Methodist Church and parking area


 to Kath and Eddie for organising the Reading Group

Meetings are on the 2nd Thursday in the month beginning at 7 pm

telephone for information about the reading group at Stonebroom

Venue on request to Kath and Eddie  01773 590622

Books for autumn/winter 2018/2019 will be published soon

These are the books we read in 2017/2018

Book Title Author Date Review
 Revenge  Martina Cole
 A short history of tractors in Ukrainian  Marina Lewycka
 The orange girl  Jolstein Garner
 Brave new world  Aldous Huxley
 The shell seekers  Rosamond Pilcher
 Grayson Perry : Portrait of the artist as a young girl  Wendy Jones

About the Reading Group

The reading group is an informal friendly gathering.  We all have a common interest in reading.  What better way to while away the dark winter evenings than with a good book.

The books are chosen by the group at the end of each season and reflect the various interests of members.  You may find yourself reading something quite different from what you would normally select.  In this way you can expand your reading tastes and get to know new authors.

During the evening each person has an opportunity to contribute to the discussion about the book and share their views.  It is very interesting to listen to and consider other people’s perspective on the various topics.

The members of the group take turns in hosting the meeting.  Refreshments are served during the evening.

The meeting usually lasts about 60 minutes and starts at 7 pm

If you would like to come along, then please give

Kath and Eddie a ring on 01773 590622.  

They will be very pleased to hear from you.

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