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Women’s World Day of Prayer 2017

This event took place here on 3 March 2017.  The focus this year was the Philippines, situated on the Pacific Ring of Fire close to the equator.   There is a high incidence of typhoons and earthquakes in this area.  Typhoon Haiyan hit the islands in November 2013 causing devastation and loss of life.

Life in the Philippines

During the service …

symbols life in the Philippines: water; leaves and oil were placed facing the congregation.

Voices from Filipino women seeking economic justice were heard in the form of statements from various women from the Philippines.

Here is Editha’s story

I am Editha, 69 years old, a widow, with 3 children all married.  I live in Ormoc City in Central Philippines, and we were hit by the Typhoon Haiyan.  I lost my shop and my home, but I was able to evacuate to safety.  I still live in a make-shift hut with my neighbour and we share our food.

I haven’t received any help to rebuild my house, but we are thankful to some organisations that still provide for vidtims of the typhoon.  I received cash for work from Christian Aid.

Typhoon Haiyan left a deep wound in my life.  I am looking for a job and a new house.  The government rehabilitation programme is so slow, despite billions of dollars of donations pouring in from the international community in response to the overwhelming and widespread devastation caused.

In times like this, we realise that solidarity is our source of strength.

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